Mount-It! MI-75801 Adjustable Height, Articulating, Tilting, Rotating, Desk Mount Stand for Laptops, Tablets, and Notebooks for Screens up to 17inches with USB Powered Cooling Fan, Grommet Base, Silver

Elevate your Work Space

The MI-75801 is an adaptable device for laptop, tablet, notebook, and iPad usage. It is engineered with the user in mind, which means it is easy to build, easy to use, and adds functionality. The USB powered laptop fan increases airflow and keeps your device operating at optimal temperatures The fan is fast and effective in order to help extend the lifetime of your devices. The cooling fan tray comes with extendable grips to clamp onto any laptop between the screen sizes 7 and 17 inches. The back of the tray is cable management ready which integrates seamlessly with the cable management clips on the arm.

Keeping your desk clean will no longer be a struggle now that your laptop is raised above your papers and keyboards. You wont need to work hard to organize your desk and your cables. The simple to use design makes moving and adjusting the height, length, or tilt of your laptop a breeze. You can raise the arm 15.5 inches and tilt the laptop a range of 110 degrees. The ergonomic opportunities to prevent eye straining, neck or back pain, sun glare, are paired with the opportunity to stand and work to keep your body healthy. The ability to stand and work on your laptop tablet makes this ideal for schools, dorms, work places, hospitals, businesses, etc.

The hardware and instructions are included


– USB-powered cooling fan prevent laptop from overheating.

– Spring arm tension can be adjusted to suit different laptop weight, allowing convenient height adjustment with the touch of a finger.

– Made from premium Aluminum alloy for strength and sleek look.

– Grommet table thickness: 0.79″-2.36″, Hole Diameter: 0.39″-1.97″

– Package contains all hardware necessary for mounting

Product Features

  • Functionality. Mount-It! MI-75801 This mount continually increases laptop tablet functionality. Not only does it extend lifetimes with its cooling power, but it is built with an array of applications in mind. Use this mount for schools, homes, dorms, offices, hospitals, businesses, and more. The range of motion creates an ergonomic environment for your eyes, back, and neck, and the ability to stand and work is a healthy alternative to constantly sitting
  • Cooling Fan. The laptop tablet is mount equipped with a USB powered cooling fan imbedded within the tray. Extend the lifetime of your laptop while introducing a new dynamic functionality. The mount is attached by an articulating arm and an adjustable height pole for maximum range of movement. The cooling fan is equipped with extendable grips to fit your exact laptop model. They can accommodate laptop or tablet screen sizes up to 17 inches.
  • Rotatable. The arm can rotate 360 degrees from the middle and the tablet mount can tilt 110 degrees to help position your screen for optimal viewing and position your keyboard for comfortable typing positions.
  • Adjustable Height. Adjustable height of the arm can reach 15.5 inches between maximum and minimum extension. The arm is attached to an adjustable height pole which can also adjust the height of your arm. The dimensions of the arm from the desk at maximum height and maximum extension are 20.5 inches by 26 inches respectively. This is great for having a large range of motion.
  • Sturdy. The die cast aluminum alloy is built to last and look sleek. The modern appeal of its silver color scheme and neatly imbedded cable management will organize and revitalize your work space. Your laptop wont be in the way or sitting on top of all of your important documents, now it is only there when you need it and it adjusts to your optimal angle. The hardware is all included and comes with easy to follow instructions

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QIAYA TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket Tilting, Rotating, Pivoting for 10″-24″ LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen TV

Articulating Wall Mounts For LCD TV.
Compatible with 99% of TV up to 24″ and monitors up to 30″, this wall mount for TV offers complete adjustability for any angle of viewing.
Perfect for unconventional room layouts, corner installations, and rooms with multiple seating areas.

Easy to Install.
It only takes about 15 minutes to get the flat screen TV mounted. Bracket comes with full instructions. Everything is labeled very well.

Perfect little articulating TV mount in the bedroom.
The TV bracket clears up some space in bedroom, not have to have one dresser devoted to the corner for the cords/cable etc.
The TV is out of the way and you can move the TV Wall Bracket in any direction as you like.
Better than a flat immobile wall mounts, with TV mounts swivel and tilt features, the flat TV can be just moved to a different angle.

wall mounts weight: 2.1lb
Material: 0.07in cold rolled steel
Degrees of Tilt: +20/-20degrees
Supported Weight: 44 lbs
Flat Screen Size: The Wall Mounts fit 10”-24” TVs such as 10”,13”,15”,19”,22”,24” and 10″-30″ Monitors such as10”,13”,15”,19”,22”,24”,28”,32”.
VESA compliant: 50×50/ 75×75/ 100×100 mm
Distance from wall: Min. 2.4 in (60 mm) Max. 9.4 in (240mm)

Product Features

  • High Performance – Full function TV wall mounts even in the corner of the room. Special low profile designs for a subtle close to wall finish.
  • Universal Design – Fit Most 10″,13″,19″,20″,21″,22″,23″,24″ TVs,and 10″-32″ Monitors, accommodate VESA hole patterns 50×50/ 75×75/ 100×100 mm.
  • High Loading Capacity – Heavy duty cold rolled steel construction supports screens up to 44 lbs.
  • Maximum Viewing Flexibility – Tilt: -20~ +20degrees. The TV can be just moved to a different angle with the swivel and tilt features.
  • Quick and Easy to Install – Bracket comes with full instructions. Everything is labeled very well.

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VideoSecu LCD LED TV Wall Mount Adjustable Rotating Swing Arm Mount Bracket for Most 15″ to 24″ LCD Monitor Flat Panel Screen TV 1WU

The mount ML35B is designed for most 15″, 16″, 17″, 19″ 20″, 22″, 23″ and 24″ LCD TV monitor and flat panel with VESA 50X50 (2″X2″), 75X75(3″X3″) or 100×100(4″x4″). Loading capacity up to 33lbs. Multi-directional adjustment includes 45 degree tilt, 45 degree swivel and 360 degree rotate provide optimum viewing angle. This mount is VideoSecu brand, please report to Amazon if you receive a mount without VideoSecu logo.

Notice: This mount fits most 19-32″ TVs, do not work for some 37 inch TVs manufactured in recent 3 years.

Product Features

  • VESA compatible 50X50, 75×75 and 100x100mm
  • Maximum weight capacity to 33 lbs
  • Portrait/landscape rotation; tilt or swivel 45 degree; Fold 3.1″ to wall
  • Rotate, tilt or swivel adjustment provide maximum flexibility for installing and viewing LCD displays
  • Standard mounting hardware included

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