Echogear in-Wall Cable Management Kit – Cable Hider Conceals Low Voltage Cords – Includes 2 Pass Through Grommets, Locking Brackets, and Hole Saw Drill Attachment

Visible Cables Look Bad Don’t hate – it’s the truth, and you know it. But don’t panic. In true ECHOGEAR fashion, we offer you an easy-to-install, DIY, cable management solution because we’re friends. And friends don’t let friends settle for messy, dangling cables. (Ew!) Friend, meet our In-Wall Cable Routing kit, designed to hide those ugly cords inside the wall and completely out of sight.  Professional Solution Without the Professional Cost We know what you’re thinking: “Inside the wall? I can’t do that!” Do you have a drill? Yes? Well then, we’re here to assure you that you can. And not only that, but you can do it all by yourself in 20 minutes or less. #adulting All-Inclusive Kit This one-stop-shop kit includes everything you need to get those cables out of the way. In the box you’ll find a hole saw drill attachment and two low-voltage grommets (one for behind the TV and one for behind your components).  We’re Here to Help Questions? Installation concerns? Testing knock-knock jokes? We’re here for it. Literally. We’ve got real-life, know-it-all product experts standing by, ready to help seven days a week. Just call us at 1-855-428-2490 or visit to chat with someone from our team. Model: EGAV-CMIWG1

Product Features

  • Hide your cables behind the wall with this DIY cable pass-through kit. Just add a drill and you’ve got everything you need for a quick 20-minute install. You’ll only need to skip 1 episode of The Office.
  • Perfect for hiding HDMI, Aux, and other low-voltage cables. Also works for in-wall rated power cables. Just make sure your dog hasn’t been chewing on them first.
  • Includes a drywall hole saw drill attachment for a perfect grommet fit. The grommets even lock onto the back of your drywall for a secure install. Saw attachment also useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Flexible pass through grommets can comfortably fit 4 large HDMI cables. There’s plenty of room for even your thickest cords.
  • Feeling artsy? These grommets are paintable for maximum concealment. Bob Ross would be proud.

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Legrand – Pass & Seymour TV3LVKITWCC2 Recessed Television Box Three Gang Low Voltage Kit Easy Installation

Three-Gang Recessed TV Box with Low-Voltage Pull-Through Brushes. Ideal for flat-screen TVs, home office, kitchen counter tops, and behind furniture to allow snug-to-wall placement. Devices sold separately.

Product Features

  • Three Gang recessed media box
  • For use with line Voltage and low-voltage applications and helps keep plugs and multimedia connections recessed behind the wall surface
  • For use with Keystone low-voltage Connectors including cat 5E, f-connectors, RCA and audio binding posts
  • Plugs remain recessed behind wall surface. Low Voltage cable pass-thru Brush – single cables point to point/source to components. No need to terminate lv cables
  • Screw-less appearance, one piece Frame, molded-in rectangular cut-out template

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Buyer’s Point Recessed Low Voltage Cable Wall Plate, Easy to Mount Outlet To Hide & Pass Tech Power Wires Through For TV, Video, Audio Amplifiers & Other Electronic Media

Why Choose Buyer’s Point?

Clean Install

At Buyer’s Point, we understand that it can be a challenge to keep all your tech power cables under control.

Better Design

That’s why we designed our Recessed Wall Plate, to make it easy for you to pass all your power cables through the wall and keep them concealed & organized out of harm’s way.

Integrated Mounting Bracket

Made from durable plastic, our wall plate will permanently eradicate all your wire woes and have your home systems running seamlessly for years to come!

No more messes!

Perfect for families with young children or pets, or simply anyone who has a lot of tech connections on the go. Our recessed cable plate keeps wires internally guarded out of harm’s way preventing accidents like tripping over or animals getting tangled or chewing and scratching cables.Don’t be complacent, make sure your cables & systems are fully secured by investing in our Cable Plate today.

Key Benefits of our Recessed Wall Plate :

Easy To Use, Set Up, And Install

Unlike Other Models, Our Wing Mounts Are Made From Durable Plastic To Withstand Breaking.

Helps Prevent Cable Accidents

Help Prevent Mess

Protects Your Tech

Perfect For Tvs, Amplifiers and More

Premium Quality

With all these great benefits, what are you waiting for? Click ADD TO CART now and never deal with the mess or cable stress again!

Product Features

  • New Model Innovative mounting wings eliminate the need for a low voltage mounting bracket
  • Easy to use & Setup: Seamlessly manage low voltage cables for your flat screen TV & other tech
  • The wall plate can be installed upright or upside down
  • Avoid Accidents & Mess: Our recessed cable plate keeps wires internally guarded preventing accidents
  • Durable: Our wall plate is made from super strong ABS plastic

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