Echogear in Wall Power Kit Includes Low Voltage Cable Management – Hide TV Wires When Mounting A TV – Includes Hole Saw Drill Attachment for Easy Install

Visible Cables Look Bad Do you hang your toilet paper under? Of course not! Because you’re not a psychopath. That’s why we know you wouldn’t let ugly, messy cables dangle under your TV either. Why go to the trouble of mounting your TV if you’re just going eff it up with poor cable management? That’s why we designed this easy-to-install, DIY in-wall power cord and cable routing kit – for the good people of the world that would never settle for cable chaos. Pro Tip? Go No Pro You can do this! We have the utmost faith in you and your skills. Ok, we don’t actually know anything about your skills, so we made sure this kit was easy to install for ALL cable management enthusiasts. (That sounds nerdy. But also hot, right? Nerdy hot. Sploosh.) Just when you thought it couldn’t get better… did we mention it takes less than 30 minutes to install? #micdrop (Don’t believe us? Check out the install manual – it’s included on this listing.) It’s a Kit in a Box You can have whatever you like! (But you’ve already got everything you need.) As long as you’ve got a drill handy, you can skip that trip to Home Depot. Complete with hole saw drill attachment, two pre-wired grommets and 6′ extension cord, this kit is all-inclusive and ready to install. We’re Here to Help Questions? Installation concerns? Testing knock-knock jokes? We’re here for it. Literally. We’ve got real-life, know-it-all product experts standing by, ready to help seven days a week. The Nerdy Stuff Cable Pass-Through Width: 1.75″ Max Distance Between Top & Bottom Module: 5′ Minimum Drywall Thickness: 1/2″ Maximum Drywall Thickness: 1″ Minimum Space Into Drywall: 3″ Saws Included: Drill hole saw attachment Cords Included: 6′ extension cable ETL Certified? Hell yeah Model: EGAV-CMIWP1

Product Features

  • Route your power and AV cables behind the wall in 30 minutes or less with this DIY kit. All you need to bring is a drill…and maybe a beer.
  • Pre-wired, power-ready system is ETL In-Wall Certified and will keep your house up to code. It’ll have you singing “I’ve Got The Power” like someone threw Jock Jams on.
  • Cable pass-through has plenty of space for all your HDMI, Ethernet, and audio cables. It can comfortably fit 4 large braided HDMI cables, but it’s flexible enough to handle additional cables.
  • Includes a drywall hole saw drill attachment for perfect grommet fit. Locking bracket wings hold onto your wall from behind for a secure install, even if you host raves every weekend.
  • Place the power modules up to 5′ apart on your wall. If you run into any issues, we’re always here to help. Call or chat with an Echogear product know-it-all any day of the week.

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Echogear in-Wall Cable Management Kit – Cable Hider Conceals Low Voltage Cords – Includes 2 Pass Through Grommets, Locking Brackets, and Hole Saw Drill Attachment

Visible Cables Look Bad Don’t hate – it’s the truth, and you know it. But don’t panic. In true ECHOGEAR fashion, we offer you an easy-to-install, DIY, cable management solution because we’re friends. And friends don’t let friends settle for messy, dangling cables. (Ew!) Friend, meet our In-Wall Cable Routing kit, designed to hide those ugly cords inside the wall and completely out of sight.  Professional Solution Without the Professional Cost We know what you’re thinking: “Inside the wall? I can’t do that!” Do you have a drill? Yes? Well then, we’re here to assure you that you can. And not only that, but you can do it all by yourself in 20 minutes or less. #adulting All-Inclusive Kit This one-stop-shop kit includes everything you need to get those cables out of the way. In the box you’ll find a hole saw drill attachment and two low-voltage grommets (one for behind the TV and one for behind your components).  We’re Here to Help Questions? Installation concerns? Testing knock-knock jokes? We’re here for it. Literally. We’ve got real-life, know-it-all product experts standing by, ready to help seven days a week. Just call us at 1-855-428-2490 or visit to chat with someone from our team. Model: EGAV-CMIWG1

Product Features

  • Hide your cables behind the wall with this DIY cable pass-through kit. Just add a drill and you’ve got everything you need for a quick 20-minute install. You’ll only need to skip 1 episode of The Office.
  • Perfect for hiding HDMI, Aux, and other low-voltage cables. Also works for in-wall rated power cables. Just make sure your dog hasn’t been chewing on them first.
  • Includes a drywall hole saw drill attachment for a perfect grommet fit. The grommets even lock onto the back of your drywall for a secure install. Saw attachment also useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Flexible pass through grommets can comfortably fit 4 large HDMI cables. There’s plenty of room for even your thickest cords.
  • Feeling artsy? These grommets are paintable for maximum concealment. Bob Ross would be proud.

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Mount-It! MI-SB205 5 Pieces, Universal Full-Motion, Articulating, Audio Media HiFi 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Satellite Speaker Wall or Ceiling Mount Brackets, 1 to 2 Hole Adapters, Black

Upgrade your hi-fi 5.1 channel surround sound system to a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design. The unique universal ceiling or wall mount engineering makes this a compatible product for home theaters, offices, schools, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. The easy installation process is capable of holding most small speakers on the market thanks to the one hole, two hole, and keyhole threading.


The compatibility is complemented by a full motion range of movement which can turn and tilt your speakers until perfect audio quality comes from your surround sound system. The adaptable design means even if you change rooms, alter furniture arrangements, or even move, these mounts can readapt to your new needs.


The durable weather resistant injection molded reinforced fiber polymer is state of the art durable technology. Which means your speakers can be placed inside or outside for patio, porch, desk, and backyard arrangements. The sleek and slim design keeps this appearing contemporary and modern. Feel secure knowing your speakers are going to be on top of the line mounting heads. The black color scheme hides the hardware and cords. All necessary hardware and instructions are included

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Product Features

  • Universal Speaker Mount. Designed to be compatible with most small speaker systems for ceiling or wall mounted arrangements. It has a large compatibility range for 5.1, 3.1, and 2.1 Channel speaker satellite surround sound systems. Easy installation nearly anywhere makes this ideal for living rooms, home theaters, offices, schools, dorms, media events, hospitals, lobbies, etc.
  • Full-Motion. The compatible range of these speaker mounts are only matched by their full motion capabilities. They can rotate on three separate pivot points and tilt on one point. The articulating arm design ensures optimal sound quality comes from your audio equipment. Rotate 360 degrees on the head, base, and the mounting bracket until your sound perfectly matches the requirements of your room. Tilting features cover 180 degrees to suit ceiling or wall mounted speaker arrangements
  • Features. This model comes with five speaker mounts for 5.1 channel or multiple channel speaker surround sound. The single, double, or key hole mounting posts to accommodate various speaker types and weight requirements. Each joint comes with Allen wrench screws for tightening or loosening placement
  • Organized Appearance. Cable management becomes a breeze with wall or ceiling mounted speakers. Bundle, tie, hide, and directly connect cable into your speaker system. The slim design of these mounts keeps them from view for minimal hardware visibility. Your hi-fi system will look elegantly perched without the eye sores of other wall mounts
  • Sturdy Design. Made from durable, weather proof, injection molded fiber resin reinforced polymer. This modern adapted polymer is sturdy, strong, and durable. It has a high load capacity of 7.7 lbs and has been strength tested for more than that. Designed to hold most small speakers in nearly any place. Modern appearance and sleek black color scheme keeps this looking contemporary

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