UTEBIT Articulating Arm Heavy Duty with Double Ballhead 360 Degree Rotation 1/4″ Magic Friction Arms Mount Bracket with Flash Light Hot Shoe + Camera Fixing Screw Adapter for Cmarea DSLR Monitor Video

Product Name: Double Ball Head Universal Magic Arm Bracket+ Flash Light Hot Shoe Adapter + Camera Fixing Screw Adapter Set
Universal Magic Arm Bracket
*Weight: 96g
*Load Capacity: 5kg
*Material: CNC machining aluminum alloy + stainless steel
*Colour: Black

1. Double Ball Head design, universal adjustment.
2. Rotate the center adjustment button to adjust the tightness and easily adjust the joints.
3. There are elastic knobs on the ball heads to easily disassemble the photographic accessories.
4. With complete accessories and strong compatibility.

Product List:
1. Universal magic arm bracket x1
2. Flash light hot shoe x1
3. Camera fixing screw adapter x1
4. Wrench x2
5. Wear-resistant damping replacement ring x4

Product Features

  • 【Double Ball Head Magic Arm】360-degree rotation double ball head design, shooting at any angle. Arm length: about 114mm.
  • 【5 Kg Load Capacity】Small and portable, but the load capacity can reach to 5KG, with good stability . The details can be captured with confidence during the photography shooting process.
  • 【Strong Versatility】 Universal magic arm bracket with 1/4 screw at both ends, and also come with flash light hot shoe adapter and camera fixing screw adapter. With these complete accessories that can fix camera, flash light, LED fill light, microphone and connect monitor, ball head arm, stabilizer, etc., with strong compatibility.
  • 【Easy to Use】Rotate the center knob to adjust the tightness which can quickly and freely change and fix all joints, very convenient to use. The ball Head has an elastic knob for easy removal of the photographic accessories.
  • 【High Quality】 Made of CNC machining aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with good hand feeling and durability.

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UNHO Screws Bolt for TV Wall Mount Bracket Fixing Universal LED LCD TV Bracket Assorted M4 M6 M8 12PCS


To help eliminate problems during mounting TVs to wall units, an industry-wide group was formed named VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). Most TV manufacturers comply with the standards established by VESA. If you look at the back of your TV you will notice that the screws holes are in a perfect square pattern. When you measure the distance between holes they should be as follows:
VESA 75 measures 75 mm x 75 mm (approx. 3inch x 3inch)
Uses M4 (Small) screws

VESA 100 measures 100 mm x 100 mm (approx. 4inch x 4inch)
Uses M4 (Small) screws

VESA 100/200 measures 100 mm x 200 mm (approx. 4inch x 8inch)
Uses M4 (Small) screws

VESA 200 measures 200 mm x 200 mm (approx. 8inchx 8inch)
Uses M6 (Medium) screws

VESA 400 measures 400 mm x 400 mm (approx. 16inchx 16inch)
Uses M8 (Large) screws

You may think that you can buy a set of similar fasteners for your TV at a local hardware store and that may be true. However, it could be a challenge locating the exact right size screws to yield a successful TV mounting job. Save some driving around time, gasoline and frustration by simply ordering a VESA standard TV installation fastener set from us and have it all delivered to your door.

Package included:
4 x M4 10mm screws
4 x M6 20mm screws
4 x M8 20mm screws

Product Features

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel. Notice : Sell by Original UNHO erick motta. ( Other sellers are Fake ).
  • M4:Diameter-4mm,Screw Length-10mm,Head Diameter-6.5mm,Head Height-2.2mm.
  • M6:Diameter-6mm,Screw Length-20mm,Head Diameter-9.8mm,Head Height-3.4mm.
  • M8:Diameter-8mm,Screw Length-20mm,Head Diameter-13mm,Head Height-4.5mm.
  • Package included:4 x M4 10mm screws,4 x M6 20mm screws,4 x M8 20mm screws.

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Wall Bracket to TV Screws/Bolts SONY Bolts Bravia LCD VESA Screw Bolt Mount Adapter Fixing Kit Bracket W6 / W7 / W8

Please see the tables below for compatibility, your model number MUST match completely, where there is an x please substitute this for the number in your model.
For example KDL-xxW8xxB would match KDL-50W829B
If you are at all unsure of compatibility please contact us before purchase.
Sony Bravia R4
Please Note – Not compatible with KDL-40R470A
KDL-32R400A KDL-32R41xB KDL-32R420A KDL-32R43xB KDL-32R435B KDL-40R45xB KDL-40R450A KDL-40R48xB KDL-46R450A KDL-46R470A
Sony Bravia W6 KDL-xxW6xxA
Please Note – Not compatible with KDL-24W605A
KDL-32W60xA KDL-32W65xA KDL-32W650A KDL-32W670A KDL-42W65xA KDL-42W653A KDL-42W654A KDL 42W670A KDL-50W65xA KDL-50W656A KDL-50W670A KDL-50W68xA KDL-50W685A
Sony Bravia W7 KDL-xxW7xxB
KDL-32W700B KDL-32W706B KDL-32W705B KDL-32W755B KDL-42W700B KDL-42W705B KDL-42W706B KDL-50W70xB KDL-50W700B KDL-50W705B KDL-50W790B KDL-55W700B
Sony Bravia W8 KDL-xxW8xxB
KDL-42W80xB KDL-42W81xB KDL-42W815B KDL-42W82xB KDL-42W829B KDL-50W80xB KDL-50W800B KDL-50W805B KDL-50W81xB KDL-50W82xB KDL-50W829B KDL-55W800B KDL-55W815B KDL-55W829B
Again, if you are at all unsure of compatibility please contact us before purchase.

Product Features

  • Before purchasing please find out your TV mount compatibility your model number MUST match completely
  • If you are at all unsure of compatibility please contact us before purchase.
  • W6-A models require this kit e.g. KDL-42W606A/W7-B models require this kit e.g. KDL-42W706B/W8-B models require this kit e.g. KDL-50W829B
  • Please Note:this kit is not suitable for the KDL-xxW8C range, KDL-43W755CBU range or for use with fixed mounting plates
  • Package Included:1 Set Screws for Sony TVs

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