Strong Swivel TV Wall Mount for Samsung, Vizio, Panasonic, LG 23 to 55 inch TV’s, 104-1153

The Aeon-40107 Swivel TV mount merges performance with aesthetics offering the best combination for your room and your TV. This mount is easily placed in a corner or on any single stud leaving no viewing area is off limits. With a ratcheting knob you can easily loosen and tilt your TV to the desired viewing angle. Also with the included level adjust you can put the finishing touches on your installation so your display is always looking it’s best.

This full motion die-cast aluminum TV mount will fold flat against the wall with an ultra-low profile of 1.8″ or extend 20″ away from it. It closes so close to the wall it appear as if there is not mount behind your TV.

This mount also carries a SAG free guarantee for any TV up to 60″ or weighing 80 lbs. and includes a lifetime warranty. For the best in quality, appearance and price choose Aeon stands and mounts today.

Product Features

  • Ultra-slim profile of only 1.8 inches when recessed.
  • Maximum extension from wall: 20 inches.
  • Full Motion TV Mount with superior strength design, certified to hold four times its rated weight of 80 lbs.
  • Die Cast Aluminum TV Mount built for 23 to 55 inch LED and LCD displays.
  • Wall mounting hole patterns supported from 100 x 100, 200 x 200, 200 x 100, 300 x 300, 400 x 400.

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3 thoughts on “Strong Swivel TV Wall Mount for Samsung, Vizio, Panasonic, LG 23 to 55 inch TV’s, 104-1153

  1. Feels rigid; here’s the tilt spec. [Update September 25, 2014]I have mounted my LG 60LB7100 60-Inch (TV w/o stand weight 48.0 lbs) and it’s been a week. At nearly 50 lbs. I have to say it’s holding without any issues. The only down side is on the TV end of it, all the connectors (excluding the HDMI & USB) are on the back of the TV and the mount will block access to it. I had purchased 90 degree to fix this issues and added 2 additional 3/8″ nuts to each of the rubber spacers (4 total) and bought longer Grade 8 cap screws…

  2. Quality wall mount that’s truly ultra-slim Strong? YES. Ultra-slim? ALSO YES.It’s sturdy. It’s heavy. It’s quality. It mounts your tv to the wall and compresses down a surprising amount. I have a 55″ Samsung and had no difficulty with the understanding the instructions and mounting the tv. I did the whole installation solo, but in retrospect I would’ve liked to have someone hold the mount up while I screwed/bolted it to the stud behind the wall. As stated, it’s heavy.Overall, I’m impressed with the quality…

  3. Quality product. Could use better install instructions First of all, I will admit that this product is very heavy and does take at least 2 people to install, without risking damage to your TV. (3 people would be optimal) However, the product is heavy because, like the company advertises, it is SOLID metal, and does not contain metal tubing.The installation instructions could use some more detail, for sure. My advice to others is to install in this order:1) Put the base up against the wall where you want to install it and mark…

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