Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 42″-90″ TVs Up to 150 lbs. – VLF628-B1

The VLF628 full-motion+ mount lets you enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch. Tilt, swivel, extend and level your TV without the need for tools. Unsightly cables stay concealed, and tool-free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation. TV can slide from side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall, and safety tab provides a safe and easy connection you can hear.

Product Features

  • Easily adjust your TV without tools. Leveling adjustments allow TV to be perfectly positioned after hanging.
  • Perfect for mounting your TV in a corner.
  • TV “clicks” into place for a safe connection you can hear.
  • Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch.
  • Our TV Mount products are Safety Tested and UL Certified.

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3 thoughts on “Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 42″-90″ TVs Up to 150 lbs. – VLF628-B1

  1. DEEPLY REGRETTABLE PURCHASE You know that feeling you get when you unbox a quality product, you assemble it according to the clear, unambiguous instructions, and everything just comes together perfectly? And then you just sit back and admire your handiwork, grateful to the engineers who created not just an amazing product, but an awesome assembly and installation experience as well?Well this TV mount…produces the EXACT OPPOSITE of that feeling. In fact, out of the hundreds of products I’ve ordered on Amazon…

  2. They are not kidding about their US-based Customer Support…. This was my first TV wall mount project, and I failed to do any research for my particular TV, mistakenly assuming VESA standards ruled. My 2015 LG EF-9500 55” OLED turned out to be an exception to that. I have a large 3D Blu-Ray collection and this TV is one of the last models that supports 3D playback. For the record, LG had a $400 proprietary wall mount which had been long discontinued and not available. Another company listed a wall mount for this particular TV, but it appeared…

  3. Good instructions, swivels really far This was easy to assemble. I did it with 1 person, until it was time to actually mount the t.v. The instructions are good and it comes with a template for the mount. I wish I’d planned it out a little better – the tv hangs down a little further than I thought it would since it isn’t parallel with the mount. This may or may not be true for everyone, depending on where mounting hardware on your t.v. is. I hoped the t.v. would swivel enough so I can watch from the kitchen and it definitely…

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