QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK 37-Inch to 70-Inch Universal Ultra Slim Low Profile Fixed Wall Mount LED TVs, Black

MOUNT STYLE: Fixed Mount 37-inch to 70-inch



With an impressively ultra low mounting profile of just 0.39-Inch from the wall, the QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK model is a super slim mount perfectly suited to complement your contemporary style and envy your friends and neighbors by showing off your flat TV installation. This mount supports most 37-Inch to 70-Inch flat panel TVs up to 66 lbs. This mount is part of the Ultra Low Profile Series of fixed mounts offering a sleek and slim design combined with easy installation.

To check to see this mount works for your TV or monitor, please ensure your TV meets all of the checks specified below:
1. Size of TV: Supports most 37 to 70-inch TVs.
2. Weight of TV: Supports TVs that are weighing up to 66 lbs.
3. Mounting Hole Patterns (VESA) in mm: Supports standard mounting hole patterns from 200×200 to 800×400.
4. Studs: Supports both 16-inch and 24-inch most standard wooden stud spacings in the United States.  For walls that use wooden studs at 16-inch spacing, it is strongly recommended to mount this mount to 3 studs.

1. Super slim design places TV just 0.39 inches from the wall to enhance the look of ultra-thin LED TVs
2. Spring-lock design enables easy display attachment and detachment
3. Direction indicators are marked clearly on the mount  
4. TV can be glided a few inches to left or right for perfect centering based on surroundings
5. Pre-sorted hardware pack for easy installation
6. Mounting hardware is included for mounting to wooden studs, concrete and brick surfaces

Product Features

  • Mount Type: Fixed
  • Supported TV Sizes: 37″ – 70″
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 88 lbs
  • Supported Mounting Hole Patterns (VESA): 200x200mm to 800x400mm
  • Mounting Profile: 0.4-Inch from the wall

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2 thoughts on “QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK 37-Inch to 70-Inch Universal Ultra Slim Low Profile Fixed Wall Mount LED TVs, Black

  1. QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK vs Sanus BLL2-B1 Super Slim Mount This review is for the QG-TM-002-BLK ultra slim mount. I have previously used the Sanus BLL2-B1 on my last TV install and thought I would try this QualGear mount since it is less expensive and lower profile. Here are the pros and cons:PROS:* QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK is lower profile on paper (0.4″ vs 0.7″)* QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK uses metal for the latches (where as sanus uses plastic which can break)* QualGear QG-TM-002-BLK is less than half the price of…

  2. Good product, did not work well with my 65″ LG OLED (details in review) I purchased this for my 65″ LG OLED TV and while it keeps it nice and snug with the wall, it’s actually a bit too snug. You need special cables that have 90 degree connections if you plan to plug anything into the back. Not only that but your cables have to come from the side, in other words you can’t hide them 100% because there isn’t even a cable width of space between the back of the TV and the wall. Possibly if you had very thin ribbon cables it could work. The other solution we came up…

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