OmniMount PLAY70 Interactive Flat Screen TV Mount, Fits 40-60″ TVs, Holds 35 to 70 LBS, Pans 180 Degrees, Black

Sit. Stand. Stretch. Play – all at the perfect angle. The action mount series by OMNI mount takes interactivity with your TV to the next level. Don’t just sit and watch your TV – get up and interact with it! With a full range of movement, The PLAY70 allows you to interact with your TV when watching movies, gaming, exercising and more.

Product Features

  • Offers smooth, continuous movement of the TV in all directions
  • Patented constant force technology enables light-touch adjustments without knobs or levers
  • Gravity pivot enables tilting capabilities without the need for knobs or lever. Mounting profile: 6. 5 inch (16. 5 cm)
  • Extends 28″ (71. 1 cm) from wall when in use and retracts 6. 5″ (16. 5 cm) when not in use
  • Improves ergonomic viewing for TVs mounted High on the wall

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2 thoughts on “OmniMount PLAY70 Interactive Flat Screen TV Mount, Fits 40-60″ TVs, Holds 35 to 70 LBS, Pans 180 Degrees, Black

  1. A Fantastic Product If You Want Flexibility. I wanted a wall mount that would allow me to move my TV up and out of reach of children, and also to expand seating when we had people over. Once you decide against a cheaper fixed-position mount, your options are pretty much between this and fireplace mounts. The Omnimount Play70 seemed to offer the most range of motion and I love all the options it gives you. This mount does it all but you’ll want to know what you’re getting into and you’ll need *at least* a 50″ TV to be satisfied with…

  2. I give it 5 stars for quality, and 1 star for usability. I’m conflicted on this. The Play20x looked to be exactly what I wanted. It had the reach to put my monitor where I wanted it from a corner installation. It is a wonderfully engineered mount, with a probably fatal exception. I assumed when I was reading the specs, that the tilt angles would be for a monitor that wasn’t mounted at floor level. This mount allows almost no downward tilt (+5 degrees), and 70 degrees upward tilt (-70 degrees in the description). If you mount your monitor/tv to…

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