Heron – 4FT Desk Mount Overhead for Lights/Camera Mounting Poles up to 3lb Capacity – 4FT Overhead Rig

4FT Reach Camera Mounting Poles – A practical camera mounting system for holding your equipment overhead desks, podcasting or just mounting your camera in tight work spaces for any and all activities. It has two double jointed elbows with joint screw down levers. Hold up to 3 lbs of equipment. Ball Head has standard 1/4″ mounting screw on top and 360° base rotation, It has a top Quick Release Plate for easy camera detachment and a level bubble. The metal desk clamp is capable of clamping arm to both horizontal and vertical surfaces with 2.25″ bite width. The shafts are light weight but High Strength Aluminum. Great for freeing up room in your work space and holding your camera where it needs to be. It comes with a screw and tool to secure the base of the arm to the clamp. Use loctite threadlock or superglue for permanent hold to clamp. The joint locks have quick release levers which lock and then screw tighten to firm. The Joint levers are screws which can come apart if over loosened. reassembly instructions are included. Weigh your camera before purchasing to avoid inconvenience.

Product Features

  • 4FT Length Reach – 2 Light Weight High Strength Aluminum Shafts
  • Hold up to 3 LBS of Equipment with Easy Top Quick Release Plate
  • 360° Screw lock/un-lock Turn-Ability at Base, Mid Joint and Ball Joint
  • Metal Clamp with 2.25″ Bite Width

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3 thoughts on “Heron – 4FT Desk Mount Overhead for Lights/Camera Mounting Poles up to 3lb Capacity – 4FT Overhead Rig

  1. Sturdy for smaller cameras, but cannot break the laws of physics I wanted a sturdy overhead mount for my Sony a6000 for some video work I do, and I didn’t want to break an arm and a leg paying for it. But I also didn’t want the cheap springy version that bounces like crazy and can’t hold up with a small mirrorless camera and lens.This thing is rock solid once you get everything tightened. The one flaw is the very bottom, where the arm secures to the base that clamps to your desk/surface, rotates a little if you hit the arm while filming…

  2. I had high hopes for this stand even considering four feet to be a tall ask of any stand like this. The adjustments are clumsy and mildly frustrating but the whole stand is attached to the table mount base by a small Phillips screw that will not stay tight. They provide a small right angle Phillips screwdriver for attaching it but you can’t get enough leverage to keep it tight. So even with a small webcam on it the whole thing wobbles.It seems like they gave it some thought in…

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